Amazonite: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties

Amazonite: Spiritual Meaning & Healing Properties

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite, sometimes called Amazon Stone, is a beautiful milky, greenish-blue stone.  Although not found in the Amazon area, it gets its name from the blue-green color, which resembles the green hues of the Amazon River and rain forest. The best specimens come from Colorado, Madagascar and Russia.

Cut and polished, Amazonite has a silky-like texture.

Amazonite Healing Properties

  • Amazonite acts as a bridge between the heart and throat chakra which facilitates loving, compassionate communication
  • On a physical level, Amazonite helps clear congestion from the chest and throat area, helps balance the energy in the thyroid gland and eases sore throats and coughs.
  • helps one to deal with emotional challenges and relationship issues.
  • soothing to the nervous system and dispels irritating and negative energies.
  • This stone produces a balancing energy; balancing the male/female energies and also fostering clarity.
  • Amazonite helps one to manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love.
Photo Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky

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