African Turquoise Bracelet (stretch)


African Turquoise helps with clearer expression & fosters communication, opens the mind to new ideas & possibilities, supports positive changes & transformation, offers protection during travel, attracts money and prosperity and awakens one to their intended purpose in life.

What bracelet size do I need?


African “Turquoise” is not really a Turquoise but a teal colored spotted Jasper. This stone so closely resembles Turquoise that it is often sold as authentic Turquoise.

  • Helps with clearer expression & fosters communication
  • Opens the mind to new ideas & possibilities
  • Supports positive changes & transformation
  • Offers protection during travel
  • Attracts money and prosperity
  • Awakens one to their intended purpose in life

Additional information


Heart (4), Throat (5)




Abundance, Prosperity & Manifesting, Authenticity, Change & Transformation, Communication, Potential