Amethyst & Black Onyx Bracelet (stretch) Matte


Protection ~ Calming ~ Strength


Important: Measure Carefully. Measure around your wrist and add to the measurement for how tight/loose you would like the bracelet on your wrist (typically 1/4″ larger than your actual wrist measurement). 6.75″ is the most common size.
Stone colors may vary.

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Amethyst and Black Onyx

Amethyst offers protection from environmental stress, purifies, calms the nervous system and enhances personal spiritual awareness.

Black Onyx provides strength and support during difficult circumstances, helps alleviate fears and worries, promotes stamina and vigor, and encourages the making of wise decisions.


Sagittarius, Pisces


Brow/Third Eye (6), Crown (7)




Balance Emotions, Empowering, Harmony, Intuition & Spiritual, Peace, Calm & Soothing, Protection & Positive Energy, Stamina, Vitality & Energy

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