Fossil Agate Bracelet


Ancient Wisdom ~ Protection ~ Authenticity


Important: Measure Carefully. Hand Size needs to be large enough to fit over the widest part of your hand (across knuckles). Measure with a string wrapped around your hand. The cord bracelets can be adjusted to size once on the wrist.
Stone colors may vary.

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Fossil Agate

Turritella Agate (Fossil Agate) has a primal energy to it, a feeling of connecting with the ancient wisdom of life. It provides strength & protection, fosters connection to one’s ancestors and home, promotes stability, composure and maturity, helps writers to express ideas and encourages speaking one’s truth and being authentic.




Root (1)


Black, Grey


Authenticity, Communication, Creativity, Friendship & Community, Grounding, Intuition & Spiritual, Patience & Understanding, Protection & Positive Energy

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