Landscape Jasper Bracelet (stretch)


Harmony ~ Creativity ~ Success


Important: Measure Carefully. Measure around your wrist and add to the measurement for how tight/loose you would like the bracelet on your wrist. 6.75″ is the most common size.
Stone colors may vary and are 8mm unless otherwise marked.

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Landscape Jasper

Picture or Landscape Jasper is a type of Jasper that is formed from mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava. The resulting pattern often are thought to resemble a picture or landscape.

  • Aids in visualization and harmony
  • Boosts creativity
  • Encourages success
  • Fosters a connection with the earth
  • Grounding
  • Helpful with giving up addictions


Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio


Root (1), Sacral (2)




Creativity, Empowering, Grounding, Harmony, Nature, Potential

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