Lilac Stone Bracelet (stretch)


Purpose ~ Health ~ Spiritual


Important: Measure Carefully. Measure around your wrist and add to the measurement for how tight/loose you would like the bracelet on your wrist (typically 1/4″ larger than your actual wrist measurement). 6.75″ is the most common size.
Stone colors may vary.

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Lilac Stone

Also known as Lavender Stone, Lilac Stone has occasional glistening inclusions that accentuate the beautiful blend of light and dark lavender and grey colors. Lilac stone ranges from opaque to translucent with a satin finish.

  • Awakens us to our true spiritual essence
  • Helps improve health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual
  • Guides us to our true purpose in life

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Authenticity, Harmony, Health & Wellness, Intuition & Spiritual

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