Polychrome Jasper Bracelet


Creativity ~ Joy ~ Balance

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  • Gift Boxed with Stone Description (not earrings)

Important: Measure Carefully. Hand Size needs to be large enough to fit over the widest part of your hand (across knuckles). Measure with a string wrapped around your hand. The cord bracelets can be adjusted to size once on the wrist.
Stone colors may vary and are 8mm unless otherwise marked.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper is a gorgeous blend of earthly colors. This stone is great for helping to create inner balance, authenticity and creativity. The energy of Polychrome Jasper is happy and joyous. It enhances vitality and an excitement towards life.

Polychrome Jasper acts as a reminder that anything is possible and we are the creator of our own lives. It also helps to connect to ancient earth energy.


Leo, Virgo


Balance & Energize, Sacral (2), Solar Plexus (3)


Authenticity, Balance Emotions, Creativity, Grounding, Harmony, Joy, Happiness & Fun, Potential, Stamina, Vitality & Energy


Brown, Grey, Multi-color, Off-White, Orange, Red, Yellow

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