Porcelain Jasper Bracelet (stretch)


Creativity ~ Nurturing ~ Harmony


Important: Measure Carefully. Measure around your wrist and add to the measurement for how tight/loose you would like the bracelet on your wrist (typically 1/4″ larger than your actual wrist measurement). 6.75″ is the most common size.
Stone colors may vary.

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Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain Jasper is a tradename for a brecciated Jasper from Mexico. It is also known as Exotica or Sci-Fi Jasper.

It is a deeply soothing and comforting stone that promotes harmony, creativity, nurturing, peace and relaxation. Porcelain Jasper is good for calming a racing mind. It has an energy that would be conducive to helping with some of the anxiety and stress associated with trying to conceive a child.


Virgo, Libra


Grey, Off-White, Purple


Balance Emotions, Creativity, Harmony, Health & Wellness, Peace, Calm & Soothing


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