Rhodonite Matrix Bracelet


Love ~ Soothing ~ Self Worth


Important: Measure Carefully. Hand Size needs to be large enough to fit over the widest part of your hand (across knuckles). Measure with a string wrapped around your hand. The cord bracelets can be adjusted to size once on the wrist.
Stone colors may vary.

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Matrix Rhodonite

  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Promotes relaxation & well-being
  • Raises self-worth
  • Considered a “rescue” stone
  • Works with the Heart Chakra

Rhodonite is a pink manganese mineral. Some Rhodonite stones display beautiful black veins or patches within the stone. These black spots are due to concentrations of manganese oxides.


Black, Pink


Taurus, Libra, Scorpio


Heart (4)


Balance Emotions, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Empowering, Love & Compassion, Peace, Calm & Soothing, Self-Worth

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