Shungite Jewelry

Shungite is an amazing stone abundant with healing properties.

  • Protects from negative energies including harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc.
  • Provides healing on all levels
  • Aids in growth and transformation
  • Very grounding
  • Empowering
  • Clears and activates all Chakras

Shungite “clears the energies of the entire body and opens one to receive spiritual light. Unlike some stones that work on an etheric or even cellular level, Shungite gave me the impression that it operates on the molecular level, freeing the very atoms of one’s body from their bondage to negative patterns and energies.”… “On other levels, Shungite can be used to clear the body of dysfunctional patterns manifesting as disease, emotional difficulties or various types of negativity.”… “On an emotional level, it is excellent for letting go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame.”

Shungite Affirmation: “I open myself to absolute purification, and to the entry of the Light into every atom of my being”.

From: The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

Mystic Zen Jewelry uses the highest quality Genuine Shungite beads in their Shungite Jewelry.

I would like to share the story of how I came to your website. I work as an Energy Therapist
A client was significantly affected by EMF’s and I recommended a shungite bracelet. She found your website and ordered one. I was amazed at the difference the bracelet made at her next session. It was powerfully balancing and diffused the majority of the EMF overstimulation to the nervous systems. 
Further, I have a shungite bracelet, but in comparison to yours, it felt extremely weak energetically.
~Deborah Graham

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