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I started Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry in 2012 as a way of sharing my love of crystal healing and nature. Each piece I make is infused with Reiki for a little extra boost of healing energy. Beads are carefully sourced and selected so you can be assured of quality and genuine stones. Bracelets are gift boxed and include a description of the stone’s healing properties. Enjoy your shopping experience!

Intuitive Reading Spirit Bracelet

Intuitive Spirit Bracelet

What do I need right now?

Looking for a little guidance or positive energy to work with? Beads are intuitively selected and made into a bracelet with an intuitive reading.

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Choose the crystal or gemstone that is most attractive to your eye, maybe one that even coordinates as an accessory or “bling” that matches your wardrobe. There is still an underlying current of energy as to why you selected the particular stone or crystal.

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Love, Nurturing & Compassion - Mystic Zen Healing Energy Jewelry

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What do you need a little extra help with achieving or healing in your life?  Love & Compassion? Wellness? Balance? Focus? Positive Energy & Protection? Browse bracelets by 22 different  healing & spiritual qualities.

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Chakras are energy centers which supply and regulate life energy within the body. There are seven major chakras located throughout the body. Chakras become unbalanced due to the stresses of everyday life and can throw the whole body out of balance. Selecting gemstones by chakra can be very helpful to finding balance and well being.

Chakra Balance Healing Energy Jewelry
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Shop by Zodiac Sign

Choosing crystals or gemstones based on your astrological sign or birth date is one way of selecting which healing stone(s) to work with. If you are drawn to astrology, you know that each sign has different character traits and challenges/lessons associated with it during your lifetime.

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